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IMpower is the No Means No Worldwide empowerment system of training for girls and boys living in areas of extreme violence. Sexual assault is common from infancy to old age in the communities where we work and No Means No Worldwide seeks to address the problem across the spectrum.

Our plan is to reach out early and begin a comprehensive approach to gender transformation starting at age 5 through age 20. We have found there are few voices in the lives of youth that consistently counter oppressive gender views. This power imbalance leads to violence at every level of society. No Means No Worldwide has over 100 IMpower instructors working daily in Nairobi schools to empower children and teens to build healthy, safe communities through skills based training in self-empowerment, self-efficacy, self-defense and intervention.

The IMpower system includes: Girls Empowerment and Self Defense (GESD) Boys: Your Moment of Truth (YMOT)  Sources of Strength (SOS)

IMpower classes include:

  • Confidence building games and activities
  • Conflict resolution roleplays
  • Verbal Skills Backpack
  • Awareness activities
  • Intervention awareness skills
  • Intervention action skills
  • De-escalation + Negotiation
  • Self-Defense Skills
  • Full Force Drills
  • IMpower Spirit Shout Out
  • Defense against Multiple Attackers
  • Tell Campaign and Resource
  • Sexual Assault Survivor Anonymous – (SASA) – free meeting access

IMpower programming has been fully developed for franchising and replication to other areas of the world. Management infrastructure, training intensives, manuals, curriculums, research models– all have been created for ease of global implementation.

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