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Our girls programming focuses on tweens and teens ages 11-19 – the highest risk for assault in the general population. IMpower training begins with an analysis of assault and it’s various forms – from harassment to life threatening. Students are taught skills to utilize all their personal strengths: Spirit, Mind, Eyes, Voice and Body. By the end of the 6 week class cycle girls have learned dozens of options for use in any type of conflict they may encounter in their daily lives. Self efficacy rates rise significantly as girls learn their rights and boundary setting. The feminist foundations underpinning IMpower help girls push back against socially sanctioned victim blaming by placing all responsibility for assault from the victim on to the attacker.






These uniquely designed classes were developed in partnership with Edgework Consulting of Boston to teach a parallel curriculum to the girls class. Secondary school age boys 14-19 receive the Your Moment of Truth (YMOT) training. This class begins upstream from the standard Bystander Intervention model by teaching boys to seek out situations that they otherwise might not see or understand as opportunities to do the right thing. YMOT trains boys how to intervene and “do good.” It teaches boys to practice awareness in order to be “activated” to do good every day. This builds confidence to successfully intervene, so that if/when boys face an assault situation, they have a mental and emotional efficacy map to do what is needed.






Boys ages 10-13 receive the Sources of Strength (SOS) curricula which provides boys with skills to get through the tween years without shutting down emotionally or buying into the ‘violence as power’ paradigm that often surrounds them.




In 2006 grannies in Korogocho slum Nairobi were under attack. Elderly women were targeted weekly for particularly brutal assaults. It was their stories of rape and murder that led Lee to establish a permanent team of Shosho Empowerment Defense instructors to help women protect themselves. The grannies began their training in 2007, and many of the original grandmothers are still in our program. They train twice weekly and have received advanced weapons and multiple assailant training. They recently began their own outreach teams, visiting other slum areas to share their training with grandmothers. Their story has been featured in over 30 media outlets and there are currently 2 award winning films made about them. There have not been any reported rapes of Grandmothers in Korogocho in over 3 years.






Sexual Assault Survivors Anonymous (SASA) is a 12 step program of recovery for those suffering the effects of sexual assault. NO Means NO Worldwide encourages students to tell and tell and tell if someone is sexually abusing them or threatening to. If a student doesn’t have anyone they trust in their social network they are encouraged to tell their NMN teacher so that they can access the help they need. When a student comes forward and discloses abuse, a series of aftercare networking processes begin. Somewhere along that journey clients are informed of our SASA meetings and invited to attend.


SASA is the NMNW ‘aftercare’ program for assault survivors. It is free, it is long term and it works. The program follows the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step path to recovery. We chose this program because it provides much more structure than a general ‘support group’, it offers an organized spiritual path to recovery. We have found that SASA is very effective in helping to heal the shame, grief and self-destructive behaviors that often plague the survivor. For more information, SASA literature and everything necessary to start a meeting in your area visit: