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No Means No Worldwide is a comprehensive sexual assault prevention organization for girls and boys. We are a school based program that uses the IM power system of violence prevention and intervention training. We teach classes in 6 week cycles, three times per school year, with the number of students ranging from 3000 to 5000 per cycle.

We believe the best response to the epidemic of sexual assault is to provide our female and male students with an awareness of the causes and effects of sexual gender based violence and the skills to interpret, intervene or prevent it.Our research shows that in high schools where girls have taken our classes the incidence of rape drops from 20% annually to under 10%. Over half the girls in the intervention groups report having used the IMpower skills to avert sexual assault in the year after the training. Rates of disclosure increased in the intervention groups, but not in controls.


It is the vision of No Means No Worldwide to train as many women and men as possible in the IMpower Violence Prevention and Intervention system and to support these new trainers as they go out to teach in schools and local communities.


It is our goal to reduce the incidence of sexual violence globally and to raise generations of gender positive girls and boys.


Rallies and awareness campaigns all play a part in the preventing sexual assault – but nothing has been proven more effective than having dozens of intervention and empowerment defense strategies to choose from if you or someone near you is in a conflict situation. IMpower provides those skills and more.